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Autumn Glow Beauty Sampler

Autumn Glow Beauty Sampler

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A sampler set of half sizes of each:

Breath of Heart Toning Potion: Locally gathered and fresh steam distilled Peach leaf hydrosol, Rose Hydrosol and Locally distilled Myrrh Hydrosol.

Soul of Gold Illuminator: A shimmering, tinted moisturizer packed with homegrown Chamomile, Calendula and organic Helichrysum. Nourishing butters, local beeswax and a touch of bronze and golden mica. Neroli essential oil and vitamin e.

Sun Dust- A dual powder eyeshadow and soft bronzer. Very lightweight and gentle on the skin. Provides a warm glow. Homegrown Chamomile powder, Raw cacao powder, Mica, Arrowroot, Zinc oxide, Frankinsence and Mandarin.

Shadows Dance Bath and Body oil- Chamomile, Peach leaf and Myrrh infused Coconut and Pumpkinseed oils. Essential oils of Juniper, Neroli, Cardamom, Buddhawood, Marjoram and Sweet Orange. Golden Mica. Add a few pumps into the bath for a shimmering, chai scented soak and massage onto body for a lightweight moisturizer.