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Goddess Rise Nectar

Goddess Rise Nectar

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Hand crushed Rose petals whirled away in the winds of warm honey and heart space. The sacral anchoring of Angelica root weaves sacred sisterhood and the secrets of water deep into the womb of remembrance. Artemisia ally calls Inner Goddess to root deeply in her unwavering strength, beauty and knowing- rising to greet the spirited notes of Magnolia and the heavens.
Brightening citrus sends spells uplifting, brilliantly dancing in the moonlit warmth of Sandalwood and bouquets of ripened floral nectar.

Goddess Rise:
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Use a skin silkening Perfume or Hair Balm. Apply a pea sized amount to damp hair, massaging thoroughly. Apply to wrists, pressure points and as a targeted moisture treatment for dry hands, elbows etc. Glide a dab across the clavicle for a dash of shimmer and highlight.

Ingredients: Wild Crafted Angelica Seed and Rose infused Coconut oil. Hand distilled Angelica Root Essential oil. Rose Floral Wax. Argan Oil. Castor Oil. Shea Butter. Beeswax. Essential oils of Magnolia, Clementine, Neroli, Sandalwood, Davana, Rose Geranium, Vanilla and Ylang Ylang. Vitamin E and A touch of Mica.