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Emerald Waves Texturizing Hair Perfume

Emerald Waves Texturizing Hair Perfume


Swooning over the color and magic of this potion I made up for a friend. The blend came to me first, the journey followed- as I spritzed I was Taken deep into a lush springtime forest, verdant and alive. I wandered barefoot along the cool curves of a mossy brook, losing self until the sun suddenly burst into brilliant awakening on an emerald opening, enchanted and inviting. I imagined this to be the space in between. A portal where the blindfolds and doubt are lifted, and all the beings were dancing. A place where the nymphs and spirits gathered to dip their toes and have a spot of afternoon tea, where I too joined and shifted worries, entirely shirking the ever growing list of to dos. Taking Just a moment to be soft and held in that liminal space.
The scent is incredibly green, ethereal yet anchoring. Crisp, awakening hints of Juniper wanders through notes of crushed Violet leaf and Verbena. Double distilled vetiver grounding this blend into rooty, wet grass with an ancient, earthen veil of protective Cedarwood. Carried in a base of artisan hydrosols and herbal ally extracts of Mugwort, Nettle and Spirulina offer watery, intuitive and enlivening conscious shifting magic. I blended this with Sea and Epsom salts, Hemp and Gooseberry oils to texturize and add volume to the hair while giving a mystical sensorial shift. Stacking functions and misting this has been rather addictive and instantly transports me to that secret, sacred emerald place.

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Artisan Distilled Cedarleaf Hydrosol.Extracts of Mugwort, Nettle and Spirulina in Grain Alcohol. Vermont Spring Water. Pink Salk. Sea Salt. Epsom Salt. Gooseberry Oil. Camellia Oil. Hempseed Oil. Proprietary Blend of Essential oils and Absolutes with Violet leaf, Verbena and Vetiver. Mica. Rosemary Antioxidant.