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Enthrone Hair Balm

Enthrone Hair Balm

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To Enthrone the Queen within- A graceful crown of flowers gathered from the eternal garden of eden. Singing sage blossoms and the holiest of basils, roses and mugwort all merily woven into a wearable energetic and high vibin’ balm for your sacred crown. With a serene kiss of the revered and dear Jasmine- flowers are forever in this graceful and potent cosmic connected, earth embodied hair balm.

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Massage a very small, pea sized amount into damp hair working through thoroughly to dry and damaged ends. A little goes a long way! Can be used as an all purpose healing balm to nourishing dry and chapped skin.

Ingredients: Lavender, Mugwort, Clary Sage and garden Sage blossoms, Holy Basil and rose. Coconut, Argan, Castor and Olive oils. Jasmine Floral wax Beeswax.. Mango Butter, Olive Wax. Rosemary antioxidant.