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Matcha+Yarrow Red Corrector

Matcha+Yarrow Red Corrector


A non comodegenic, non-drying softly green tinted balm that cancels out red, hydrates and soothes inflammation. Homegrown and Foraged Nettle, Comfrey and Chamomile wtih Sacred Frankinsence resin all infused in cold-pressed Golden Jojoba oil and steeped for weeks. We also added local beeswax and bee pollen, antioxidant rich elderberry extract and Matcha Powder to fight free radicals and oisturize the skin. A powerhouse essential oil blend With our very own artisinally distilled Blue Yarrow oil , Tea Tea, Clary Sage, Juniper and Blue Tansy to clarify, balance, soothe irritaions and inflammation and speed up tissue repair. Very useful in topical facial applications of breakouts, eczema, roseacea and more!

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Ingredients: Nettle, Comfrey, Chamomile and Frankinsence infused Jojoba oil. Hemp seed oil. Kokum Butter. Matcha Powder. Beeswax. Bee Pollen. Bentonite Clay. Zinc Oxide. Arrowroot. Elderberry Extract. Artisinally distilled Blue Yarrow essential oil. Essential oils of Juniper, Blue Tansy, Rose Geranium, Tea Tree and Clary Sage.