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Oracle Hydrating Eye Gel

Oracle Hydrating Eye Gel



Hold on to the seat of your soul, third eye magic is abound here in the LunaRoots lab!
...Oracle Hydrating Eye Gel...
A lush leafy green, fat soluble vitamin rich medley of Mercury, Moon and Venusian ruled herbs offer a beauty re-envisioning ritual and heightened intuitive guidance. Violet shines a soft light on our heart cave, reflecting tender rays of lymphatic love. Garden Sage blossoms, Gotu Kola, Rose Petals, Holy Basil and allantoin rich Comfrey root boosts cellular regeneration, and firming tissue repair. These beauty shifting allies are all Double infused and extracted in a feathery hydrating oil blend. Olive derived Squalane carriers plant magic deep into the skin, while Punicic acid rich Pomegranate erases time and instantly plumps. Vitamin E + K rich Prickly Pear oil brightens and smoothes, while the highly bioavailable essential fatty acids of cold pressed Hemp promotes elasticity and bouncy hydration. An incredibly light handed dose of Clary sage and Violet absolute supports vision fertility, dream guidance and honors the ever evolving dichotomy of self perception + self love, while maintaining topical eye application integrity. Finished with antioxidant rich extracts of Rosemary, Elderberry and Green tea for a veil of unstoppable protection. Lightly emulsified for a unique gel to oil texture.
Massage a tiny dab of this under the eyes, on high cheekbone, on the lids, up and around the brows and directly onto the middle of the forehead/third eye too smooth evidence of a contantly contimplative forrowed brow.

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Full Ingredients: Double infused herbal extracts of Comfrey leaf and root, Holy Basil, Roses, Gotu Kola, Green Tea, Garden Sage and Violet leaf and flower. Camellia seed oil. Prickly Pear oil. Olive Squalane. Hempseed oil. Pomegranate seed oil. Cera Bellina Wax. Elderberry Extract. Rosemary Antioxidant. Jojoba Oil. Clary Sage Essential Oil**Violet Leaf Absolute**

** Please Note that these contain less than .1% Essential oils.