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Sacral Carnival Massage Salve

Sacral Carnival Massage Salve


To invoke curiosity while aligning energies from the sacral, solar and heart spaces. The scent is rather curious, but carefully curated and rather potent indeed. Hand picked peach leaves, Kava Kava, Roses and Marshmallow- a cooling and calming medley steeped in rich oils then blended with sensual and warming essential oils and absolutes of Damiana, Cocoa, Neroli and Sandalwood. Intense bitter, with soft fruit and amaretto notes that settled to warm roses and chocolate. A very potent and powerful balm meant to be used on pressure points for the heart meridian and the bottoms of the feel, or blended into a carrier oil for an all over massage.

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Ingredients: Peach leaf, Roses, Kava Kava, Shatavari and Marshmallow infused Apricot, Coconut and Olive OIls. Rose Floral Wax. Beeswax.Damiana Oil. Cacao Co2. Proprietary Blend of Essential oils and Absolutes. Vitamin E.