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Moon Beam Moisture

Moon Beam Moisture


Gentle lunar fruits and flowers of Violet and Lavender and Cucumber offer tissues a tender and soothing touch. A myriad of healing allies to cool inflammation, and a touch of Jasmine offers peace to the mind and serenity to the skin and spirit. Watery in essence, Wildly gathered willow slowly debarked and deeply infused to wash away worries and slough away dry skin.

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A dreamy and synergetically serene Facial Moisturizer. Super lightweight, yet deeply penetrating and protective. This Balm is emulsified, meaning you can apply to damp skin and massage on to create a cream like constistancy right on top the skin!

massage on to create a cream like constistancy right on top the skin!

This balm is so versatile. It can be used as a restortive night balm, a lightweight day cream, gentle cleanser or as a spot treament for targeted moisture. Non-Comedegenic formula for all skin types.

Packed with tissue healing, soothing, softening and gently exfoliating herbs- all foraged and homegrown.

Violet, Weeping Willow, Holy Basil and Lavender infused Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Blueberry Seed oils. Beeswax. Emulsifier. Essential oils of Cucumber Seed, Blue Tansy and Jasmine Absolute. Non Gmo Vitamin E.

Skin Types: All

Main Actions:

Cools Dry Inflammation/TissueHealing